How To Practice For A Call Center Interview

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How To Practice For A Call Center Interview

9 September 2015
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When you are trying to get a job at a call center, you might be acutely aware that you are not the only person competing for this job. As a result, you are going to want to make sure that you are as prepared as possible. One great way to make sure that you are adequately prepared for the interview is to practice with someone else. Here are some ways that you can practice.

1. Practice the Handshake and Looking the Interviewer in the Eyes When You Talk

The first thing that you are going to want to practice is a standard interview procedure. Get someone to pretend to be the interviewer and ask them to assess your handshake. When you shake hands with the interviewer, do not break eye contact. Then, have that practice interviewer ask you a few, mundane questions. As you answer these questions, make sure that you have a decent amount of eye contact. Having a lot of eye contact will show the real interviewer that you are confident in your ability to do the job and in the answers to their questions.

2. Know the Difficult Call Center Interview Questions

Next, have the person who is helping you practice ask you difficult questions that might come up in call center interviews. These questions could include:

  • How well can you handle people who are angry?
  • What are your multi-tasking strategies for multiple phone lines?
  • Have you ever had a conflict with your team leader and, if so, how did you resolve it?

These questions all require thought. By having the person who is helping you practice for the interview ask them, you can prepare your answers ahead of time and feel confident whenever those questions come up, rather than sweating them like the other people interviewing for the position.

3. Make Sure You're Speaking Clearly

Finally, you are going to want to demonstrate your ability to speak clearly, at a tempo that others can understand., during the interview. Make sure that the person who is helping you practice judges your speaking style and can understand every word you say. Also consider recording the practice or other times when you are speaking in order to make sure that you are not speaking too quickly or too slowly. This will help show the real interviewer that you will be able to do the job.

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