Perfectly Package: How To Package A Website For A High Sales Value

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Perfectly Package: How To Package A Website For A High Sales Value

29 October 2015
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One of the ways to make money online is to create websites that you can sell for profit. The better that your website is performing and the more traffic that the site can drive, the higher the price that you can sell your website for. Some websites can sell for the same amount as a small house, but a significant amount of work must be put into the website before being placed on the market. Here are some methods for ratcheting up the negotiations for your website sales.

Collect a few months of impressive income proof 

Websites will not have a quick turnaround for sales. Much like fixer upper homes, you will have to build them up properly and offer proof that they are worth a good amount of money. Set up the website and make sure to properly place advertisements and create sales contracts that bring in good monthly income. A well updated website is a well followed website, so you must make sure you keep the website updated with new content on a daily basis. With a good following and better income, you will have concrete proof of your websites worth.

Create corresponding social media accounts

Interacting with a customer base is the best way to attract brand new followers to your website. An impressionable business that regularly chats with consumers through social media will gain more clicks. Set up accounts with the name brand of the website on all possible social media websites and offer these as a package with your website. A package with thousands of social media followers and dedicated website readership will be more enticing for investors who want the startup work completed.

Create and sell the rights to an eBook

If you have an informative niche website, you can up the ante on selling the website by creating an eBook. An eBook that offers good information on the niche field, plus provides coupon codes and other freebies to customers will be popular on the eBook market. Create an eBook or two to go along with your website. Include the exclusive rights to the eBook as a part of the website package. This will allow the buyer to purchase and customize the eBook with their company name and particular business offers. Including a ready to publish eBook with your website is a bargain value and a bargaining chip that can create unlimited income potential for your website buyer.