5 Tips For Increasing Your Company Blog's Traffic

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5 Tips For Increasing Your Company Blog's Traffic

30 December 2015
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In today's digital age, it is a wise idea to include a blog on your company's website. Whether you own a catering or personal training business, a blog can help attract more clients. However, with the thousands of blogs out there, it can sometimes be difficult to stand out. Here are five helpful tips for increasing your company blog's traffic:

Share Your Content More Than Once

It is perfectly acceptable to share your blog content more than one time across all social media platforms. If you just post it once, fewer people will see it. For example, if you shared your blog on Facebook yesterday morning, share it today in the afternoon. Then, share it once more about a week later.

Know the Right Keywords to Use

Using the appropriate keywords throughout your blog will help it get noticed on search engines more. For example, if you are a dentist and want to write a blog about gum disease, you might want to use keywords like "preventing gum disease" and "gum disease complications" in your blog. Try not to use each keyword more than two or three times in your blog. If you try to use the same keywords too many times, search engines could penalize your blog.

Create Catchier Headlines

If your headline is boring, fewer users will be interested in reading your blog. Creating a unique headline, on the other hand, will catch your readers' eyes. For instance, if your headline asks an important question, readers will be curious and read your blog.

Post More Often

Another effective way to increase traffic is to simply post more often. If you just post a blog once a month, readers may lose interest and stop coming back to your website. If you create at least one or two quality blog posts a week, it may encourage users to check your website more often.

Offer to Guest Post

Creating guest posts for other blogs can also drive more readers to your blog. You can persuade another blog owner to publish your post by writing a unique piece of content or offering to publish their blog on your site.

If you follow these helpful tips, you can attract more readers to your blog. However, if you are still having trouble getting more traffic, you should think about contacting a digital marketing company. A web marketing expert can help you gain more readers.