A Few Reasons To Attend A Legal Marketing Boot Camp

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A Few Reasons To Attend A Legal Marketing Boot Camp

12 September 2017
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If you are involved with a small to medium-sized law firm, you know how hard it can be to increase your client base. Marketing for legal help is different than marketing for a retail business or even other services. So even if you took a marketing class or two, if it wasn't geared towards the legal profession, you may still need help. Here are a few reasons you should consider attending a legal marketing boot camp.

Different Types of Leads

When a new client walks through your door, it is important that you know how he or she learned about you. Some people may have been referred by a friend or colleague, others may have found you in the yellow pages, and still others may have just seen your sign and walked in. Each of these people will need to be approached differently if you want to earn their business. You will learn how to talk to these people and turn them into clients at a boot camp.

Advertising Your Specialties

You can't expect to list all the different legal specialties and be taken seriously. A boot camp will help you find which niche you should be advertising and the best venues for each one. Even if you are hoping to have a general practice, you should look into having a few areas where you excel.


Once you decide what you want to specialize in, you may want to network with other small or private firms who are working in other areas. This way, you can refer clients to each other when the client does not need your specialized expertise. While this may seem like you are giving away business, in actuality you will be gaining a better reputation. Not only will the other firms refer to you, but when a client you referred is asked by a friend to refer a lawyer who does work in your area, the client will give your name. The clients will feel confident in you when you are honest about your "limitations."

Attending a boot camp for legal marketing is a great way to increase your business and bottom line. After you attend one, you may find that you want to send your office manager or receptionist too. It will never hurt to find new ways market what you are offering to the public. The more ideas you learn, the more you will be able to come up with yourself.