3 Benefits Of Attending A Legal Marketing Retreat

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3 Benefits Of Attending A Legal Marketing Retreat

6 May 2018
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Many law firms either do not invest in their marketing or leave their marketing up to someone else. Attending a legal marketing retreat is one way to learn more about marketing your law firm and how to handle the job yourself.

1. Understand The Fundamentals

The fundamentals of marketing are not understood by most people, outside of those who have a business background. When you have a basic understanding of marketing, it is easier to implement different strategies even when trends change. One example would be the psychology of marketing. The tactics of appealing to the emotions of clients or exclusivity work regardless of the modality you choose. Law firms working in the field of family law or those handling malpractice can especially benefit from appealing to the emotions of their clients since these are sensitive subjects. Part of understanding the fundamentals of marketing will also include the marketing platforms available and how different businesses use them, such as web design, advertising, and email marketing.

2. Identify Your Own Problems

Marketing retreats can educate you about common mistakes law firms make and how to fix them. Being effective at marketing your law firm requires you to take an objective look at your business and find out what is not working. One way to be more objective is to take a look at your competitors who are doing better in the industry and make comparisons. You might find other law firms have invested in an elaborate website filled with information. Other law firms might have significant notoriety because they advertise on social media platforms or you see their ads on television. Although the goal is not copying your competitors, you can easily see where your law firm falls short and make improvements.

3. Learn To Convert Leads

Effective marketing can bring more attention to your law firm, but these leads need to be converted into paying clients. Learning what can turn a prospective client into an actual one can help you improve your return on investment (ROI). For example, you might find prospective clients who can sit down for a consultation quickly are more likely to become paying clients. This can mean you need to schedule more time for consultations, so prospective clients do not have to wait a week for an appointment. Additionally, you might invest in more avenues for consultations, such as video conferencing, so it is more convenient for you and the prospective client to talk.

Marketing retreats are one way to learn more about law firm marketing so you can do more of the work without outside help. For more information, contact your local retreats for legal marketing services expert.